The HI-POD is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that is applicable for nearly any event. Aerial photography is an extremely valuable asset for establishing perspective for your audience. It also allows you to get above the crowd and zoom in on items of interest you couldn’t see from the ground. Combining elevation with this type of zoom is directly applicable in large and crowded event such as red carpets, press conferences, parades, or other public gatherings. It’s fantastic for news stations because you’re no longer tied to the van, which can’t always drive onto every location. The HI-POD changes that.

Beyond flexibility, HI-POD has launched a cottage-industry of camera operators who use our product to start their own businesses. Whether they are filming sports, weddings, media events, music videos, independent films, or something else the HI-POD gives these professionals freedom to pursue their aspirations. Such businesses range in size from a single HI-POD used to shoot local sporting events, to several dozen covering mass tournaments for major corporations.

HI-POD has also started its own service subsidiary – . It has been the exclusive videographer for the US Soccer Development Academy Showcases & Playoffs during the past 4 years. HI-POD has also covered the 2011 Pop Warner season in Southern California and the Throwback Football League (among others) via our service business. For more information, please visit

The HI-POD will work with nearly any camera (under 10 lbs), which means you can keep up with technology as often as you want. . It is not only an advanced system, but it’s very natural and intuitive to control. You move the position of the camera by turning the handle mechanism at the bottom of the base. The two are linked via a pair of cords running from the handle up to the head. In this way, the unit operates much like a ‘pulley system.’ There is no lag time or missed goal shots while the camera is tracking in – as there almost always is on cheaper, exclusively robotic systems. This is a huge advantage because you don’t have to guess where the action is going to be ahead of time. Something happens, and you’re there…instantly.

With over a decade in the industry you can depend on HI-POD to consistently deliver for your team. Our long-term track record, extensive client list, and excellent support system back this up every day. All HI-POD’s come with a 5 Year Warranty, and beyond that our offices are staffed with professionals who are ready to assist you with technical and logistics support.

With options to rent, buy, or finance it has never been easier to have a HI-POD of your own. Please visit our ‘Contact’ page if you would like more information.