In football, the HI-POD is a rock star. Getting above the endzone has never been easier, and has never been so important. With competition constantly biting at your heels, the HI-POD can give you the winning advantage in every game. Coaches will gather valuable elevated video for review and game analysis like never before, and players gain fantastic footage that can be sent to scouts or used for highlight reels. In short, the HI-POD is your team’s MVP.

One of the major advantages of the HI-POD system in football is that it can be used in two forms. The X31 gives you the height and perspective necessary for an endzone shot, but it can be easily downward converted into the 17ft HI-POD Mobile. The Mobile was specifically developed with the line-of-scrimmage in mind. When fully elevated it can be pushed around the field on its wheels, allowing you to go from say the 10 yard line to the 50 (or beyond) before the next play starts. This ensures that you can keep up with the action wherever it happens.

The HI-POD is a very naturally controlled device. You move the position of the camera by turning the handle mechanism at the bottom of the base. The two are linked via a pair of cords running from the handle up to the head. In this way, the unit operates much like a ‘pulley system.’ There is no lag time or missed touchdowns while the camera is tracking in – as there almost always is on cheaper exclusively robotic systems. This is a huge advantage because you don’t have to guess where the action is going to be ahead of time. Something happens, and you’re there…instantly.

With over two decades in the industry you can depend on HI-POD to consistently deliver for your team. Our long-term track record, extensive client list, and excellent support system back this up every day.

With options to buy or finance it has never been easier to have a HI-POD of your own. Please visit our ‘Contact’ page if you would like more information.