In the gym, basketball is a perfect fit for the HI-POD. Typically, you won’t be using the full 31ft X-Line model indoors, and this is where the extensive versatility of our system shines. There are two ways to use the unit indoors – as the 17ft HI-POD Mobile, or with the HI-POD Robo-Cam.

The HI-POD can be easily converted from the larger 31ft model into the mobile unit for use indoors. Simply take out the top three sections of the tubing and secure them into the HI-POD Mobile Plate…and you’re good to go. Operation is the same as with the X-Line HI-POD, with the exception that there are no legs on the mobile unit, so you can freely move around while the camera is fully elevated – a big plus indoors. No other system on the market allows you this type of adaptability, with the ability to convert between two (or more) form-factors, enabling a variety of use.

For a more permanent installation in a gym, the HI-POD Robo-Cam is ideal. With robotics you can mount the HI-POD Tubes directly against the wall and manipulate the camera via a control station below. This gives you total control over all degrees of motion, and also camera record/zoom operating functions. The HI-POD Robo-Cam can be operated from 1000ft away, giving you plenty of space to work with indoors.

With over two decades in the industry you can depend on HI-POD to consistently deliver for your team. Our long-term track record, extensive client list, and excellent support system back this up every day.

With options to buy or finance it has never been easier to have a HI-POD of your own. Please visit our ‘Contact’ page if you would like more information.