In baseball/softball you have a wide range of options when using the HI-POD. You can film from behind home plate, giving you a technical birds-eye-view of the infield, or from the outfield to grab a more network television perspective. Either way, the HI-POD delivers videography resources you can’t achieve from the stands.

Because baseball occurs on a diamond, you need camera elevation and flexibly (combined with zoom) to cover action in all areas. It’s just too big a game to cover from the ground. The 31ft HI-POD X31 is ideal for this purpose. Whether it be tracking fly balls or fielding grounders, the HI-POD will capture plays that, when studied, can help your team grow and win.

With the ability to not only use the HI-POD as the 31ft X-Line, but also as the 17ft Mobile, we give you the flexibility to handle any situation. The X-Line can be packed into two cases for your on-the-go team schedule. Traveling is made simple and efficient whether you’re on a car, plane, or bus.

The HI-POD will work with nearly any camera (under 10 lbs), which means you can keep up with technology as often as you want. It is not only an advanced system, but it’s very natural and intuitive to control.  You move the position of the camera by turning the handle mechanism at the bottom of the base. The two are linked via a pair of cords running from the handle up to the head. In this way, the unit operates much like a ‘pulley system.’ There is no lag time or missed home runs while the camera is tracking in – as there almost always is on cheaper, exclusively robotic systems. This is a huge advantage because you don’t have to guess where the action is going to be ahead of time. Something happens, and you’re there…instantly.

With over two decades in the industry you can depend on HI-POD to consistently deliver for your team. Our long-term track record, extensive client list, and excellent support system back this up every day. All HI-POD’s come with a 5 Year Warranty, and beyond that our offices are staffed with professionals who are ready to assist you with technical and logistics support.

With options to buy or finance it has never been easier to have a HI-POD of your own. Please visit our ‘Contact’ page if you would like more information.

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